About Allcar Autoglass

Allcar Autoglass was established in 2003 and is committed to providing you with the highest quality service to your Windscreen Replacement and Windscreen Repairs including all other automotive glass.

Our Automotive Glaziers are highly skilled and have many years experience. Most of all they love cars and care about yours as if it was their own.

Allcar Autoglass provide quick, honest and friendly service to every client interaction, our client Testimonials prove this.

If the glass replacement in your vehicle is URGENT please call 0428 538 554






Early Intervention for your Windscreen Crack or Chip

If your windscreen is damaged with a chip or a crack (even the smallest), you should contact us soon as possible before it develops into much larger one, as the windscreen expands and contracts over time (sometime minutes) with the changing temperature.

Most stone chips and cracks can be fixed in less than an hour, saving you the cost of a full windscreen replacement.


How Much Does a Windscreen Replacement Cost?

A windscreen replacement cost varies with the make and model of your car and whether any special features have been built into your windscreen such as rain sensor windscreens, radio antenna windscreens, lane departure or radar, acoustic windscreens and low E windscreens. We aim to get the best affordable and competitive price for you.

Can All Size Stone Chips and Cracks Be Repaired?

No, the larger the chip or crack, the harder it is to repair. Accordingly, we recommend you contact us as soon a chip or crack occurs so that it can be repaired straight away and without worsening. Delaying the decision can result in the damage becoming irreparable as cracks and chips expand and contract with the changing weather temperatures.

How Soon Will I Be Able to Drive My Car?

You will be able to drive your car straight away for stone chips and cracks, a little longer for windscreen replacements as the seal needs time to cure. Generally you will be back on the road in about an hour or so. We will advise you on the day.

How Do I Pay You For Your Repair Services?

On the same day as the service.

Do You Offer Customers Same Day Service?

For urgent windscreen, rear and side glass replacement, we aim to provide a Same Day Service subject to the availability of the glass.