Windscreen Repair Melbourne

If your windscreen is damaged with a chip or a crack, even the smallest, you should contact us soon as possible before it develops into much larger one as the windscreen expands and contracts over time (sometime minutes) with the changing temperature – inside and outside the car.

Particular care should be taken during summer or if travelling on loose road surfaces as a fine hairline crack can quickly become an unsightly canyon by the time you make it to your destination.

Most stone chips and cracks can be fixed in less than an hour, saving you the cost and inconvenience of a full windscreen replacement. If we think the damage is too far gone, we will tell you and quote you on the cost of a replacement rather than risk our well-established reputation.

If the chip or crack is in a side or rear window then we generally cannot repair it. In most cases, it will need to be replaced as it is a different kind of glass which shatters upon impact whereas the modern-day windscreen is generally a three-layer laminated glass that can usually be repaired.

But rest assured, if the side or rear windows cannot be repaired we can assist with ordering-in and fitting the necessary glass or, if there is an unavoidable wait, we are always willing to point you in the right direction or come up with a temporary fix.

After cleaning and preparing the damaged glass it is injected with a specially-formulated compound which forms a strong bond, becoming almost transparent as it hardens.

You should never try to do the job yourself. In most cases, you will end up calling us for a quote to replace the entire windscreen when we could have repaired the windscreen for you at a fraction of the cost and with same-day service.

After polishing and finishing-off, the drivers’ visibility is restored to almost ninety per cent, but we like our customers to be the judge. We stand by our work and guarantee that you will be impressed. Just ask any of our other satisfied customers.


Windscreen Polishing

We can chemically treat, cleanse and polish your windscreen (and any other car windows) removing all dirt, grease, scratches and mineral deposits, bringing it back to almost new.
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